About This Site

The North Atlantic Tune List is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit site for educational purposes only. It has a part-time, volunteer staff of one, Andrew Jackson.  But the collaborative nature of the site results in many site visitors contributing tunes, comments and corrections via the Suggestion Form.

The site focuses on dance and fiddle tunes from several regions around the North Atlantic: Scandinavia, the British Isles, Quebec, Maritime Canada including Cape Breton, Métis (Saskatchewan & Manitoba), New England, Appalachia, and more (even a tune from Texas, but which has obvious Irish influences).

This site is not for listening to polished, professional recordings.  It is intended as a resource for traditional musicians wanting to learn a tune or remember how particular tunes are played.  Short MP3 clips, sheet music and ABC notation, for most of the tunes are posted for learning purposes, and can be downloaded for use in other software.

So Welcome! Go ahead, explore. Select any tune from the alphabetical links at right, or use the Search box (scroll down on iPhone and probably other smartphones). Search by all or part of a tune title or by any general term such as reel, waltz, strathspey, Sweden, Quebec etc. Then click on the desired tune.  If you don’t find a tune you’re looking for, please suggest it here.