Who This Site is For

This site is a somewhat random reference source for mostly traditional dance and fiddle tunes from several regions around the North Atlantic: Scandinavia, the British Isles, Quebec, Cape Breton, Métis (Saskatchewan & Manitoba), New England, Appalachia, and more. It is intended as a resource for musicians wanting to learn a tune or remember how particular tunes are played.

The site is a work in progress, currently (and probably always) under construction.  Additional tunes will be added frequently, so stay tuned (pun intended…sorry).  And it is intended to be a collaborative process. Please participate:  Is your favorite tune missing? Suggest it!  Use the Suggestion Form.  In a few cases, I have been unable to find much information, but I’ve posted tunes anyway, hoping someone can point me toward missing elements. Please also use the “Comments” field on that form to alert me to any errors you may see or to make suggestions regarding the site.  A few MP3 clips are still needed.  If you know a tune for which no clip is posted, play it into a device (smartphone, MP3 recorder, etc.), contribute it via the Suggestion Form and I’ll post it. No copyrighted performances, please.

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