Ashokan Farewell

Key: D

Form: Waltz

Ac|d3 cBA|F4 EF|G3 FED|B,2D2B,2|
FG|A3FD2|d4A2|B3cd2|AF F2D2|
A3ED2|B,3G,G,2|G,6|A4 FE|
D2F2A2|=c4d2|B3cd2|AF F2D2|

MP3 (played by Jacob Stone):

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Link (Midi or Youtube):

Source (if known): Jay Ungar (copyright)

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Region: USA, Appalachian

Notes: This tune is probably copyrighted and no MP3 is posted above. See instead the great YouTube above of Jay Ungar, Molly Mason and the Family Band playing his Ashokan Farewell. (Skip the ad at the beginning.)