Cône orange*

Key: Em

Form: Jig


“Em”E (3BBB EAB | “Am”cBA “Em”B2G | “C”E2E EDE | “D”DFA BGF |
“Em”E2 B EAB | “Am”cBA “Em”B (3efg- | “C”gfe”D” fed |1 “A”e^cA EGB:|2 “Em” Bed e2|
|: d |”A”^c (3ccd cBc | “D”dAF DFA | “C”cBc “D”edc | “G”BAB GBd |
“A”^c2 d cBc | “D”dAF  D (3ABc- | “C”cBc “D”dcd |1 “Em”ede B2:|2 “A”e^cA EGB |]



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Source (if known): Jean Rhéaume (copyright)

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Region: Québec

*Notes:  Jean writes, “Cône orange is about the orange cone they put in place to repair streets (there are plenty in Montréal these days.)”