Dusty Bob

Key: G

Form: Jig

D|:”G”G2G GAB|”D7″A2 A ABc|”G”d2B “D7″c2A|”G”B2G “D7″AFD|
“G”G2G GAB|”D7″A2A ABc|”G”dcB “D7″AGF|1″G”G3 G2D:|2″G”G3 G2d||
|:”G”g2g gag|”D7″f2f fgf|”C”e2e efg|”D7″a2g fed|
[1″G”g2g gag|”D7″f2f fgf|”C”efg “D7″fga|”G”g3 g2d: |
[2″G”g2d Bcd|”C”e2c “Am”ABc|”D7″dcB AGF|”G”G3 G2|]


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Source (if known):  Traditional

Other Tunes in Set: Meeting of the Waters

Region: American, originally from England