Gigue du lendemain

Key: D

Form: Reel

ABC: (Played A2.BCD.ABCD)

FG|”D”A2AB AGFE |DEFD “A”~E2 E2 |AE E2 “E”BE E2 |edcB “A”AGFG |
“D”A2AB AGFE |DEFD “A”~E2 E2 |AE E2 “E”BE E2 | edcB “A”e2  ||
A2| “Dm”dA A2 dA A2 |”A”cded ~c2 c2 |”Gm”dcAG AGAc |”A”AGAc A2 A2 |
“Dm”dA A2 dA A2 |”A”cded ~c2 c2 |”Gm”dcAG “A”A2 AB |AGFE “D”D2 (3(DEF) |
“G”GFGB “A”cAce |”D”fdAF “G”~G3 F |”Em”EFGA B2 Be|”E7″edcB “A”AGFG  |
“D”A2AB AGFE |DEFD “A”~E2 E2 |AE E2 “E”BE E2 |edcB “A”AGFG |
“D”A2AB AGFE |DEFD “A”~E2 E2 |”D”FAdA “G”BdcB| “A”AGFE “D”D2 |]



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Source (if known): Jean Rhéaume (copyright)

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Region: Québec

Notes: Jean writes about the title: “when we talk about « du lendemain », we mean the day after we drink too much, so we are unstable (reflected in the B part)”.