Golden Slippers (Dem Golden Slippers)

Key: A*

Form: Reel


AB \
| “A”c2c2 cBAB | c2c2 c2AB | c2c2 d3c | “E7″c2B2 B2GA | B2B2 BAGA | B2B2 B2GA | B2d2 c2B2 |1 “A”B2A4 \
:|2 “A”B2A6 : |
|| “A”E6 A2 | c2B2 A2G2 | “D”F6 A2 | “Bm”d2c2 B2A2 | “E7″G3E G2A2 |1 “E7″B2B2 B2E2 | “A”A2E2 A2B2 | c8 \
:|2 “E7″B2B2 B2d2 | c3d c2B2 | “A”A6 |]

MP3*: (Provided courtesy of the Hook family)

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n D major                          A version in A major

YouTube*: (After considerable introduction, the actual tune starts at about 0:50, but it’s well worth the wait!)

Source (if known):  James A, Bland (1879)

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Region: USA

*Notes:  This tune is often played in either D or A, and occasionally in G.  The ABC above is in A, the MP3 in G, the sheet music is provided in both D and A, and the YouTube video is in A.