Great Uncle Henry

Key: G

Form: Barn Dance


DGA | B2 BA c2 BG | AB G3 GBd | g2 gf e2 dc | d4- d : |
|: GBd | g3 a f3 g |[M:5/4] e3 c dB G2 Bc | [M:4/4] A2 AB c2 cB |[M:3/4] G3 : |


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great-uncle-henrys-melody    great-uncle-henrys-harmonized-low    great-uncle-henrys-3-voice
Melody                            Harmonized Low            Three-Voice


Link (Midi or Youtube):  great-uncle-henry

Source (if known): Emma Reid

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Region:  USA


VFO16-2, VFO summer 17