Hollow Poplar

Key: G

Form: Reel

Bc|”G”d4d2 Bc|d2B2 AGAB|”C”c4 c2 AB|c2B2 AGEG|
“G”DEGA Bdef|g2f2 edBA| G2 BG “D7″AG F2|”G”G6:|
|:Bc|”G”d4g4|g2f2e2d2|”D”fa-a2 a2 fg|a2f2 edef|
“G”gfef gfef|”C”g2 f2 edBA| “G”G2 BG “D7″AG F2|”G” G6:|


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Hollow-Poplar-(1)  or, harmonized*:  Hollow-Poplar---Harmonized

Source (if known): Paul David Smith?

Other Tunes in Set: Fiddler’s Dream

Region: USA, Southern

*Notes:  The harmonized transcription contains chordal variations vs. the melody-only transcription.

VFO Fall15 Telford, VFO16-2, VFO summer 17