La Ricanneuse*

Key: G

Form: Reel? Can you help?


|:D2EF G2A2|G2F2E2D2|D2EF G2A2|G2F2G4: |
|B2A2G3A|G2F2E2D2|D2EF G2E2|c2B2A4|
d2B2G3A|G2F2E2D2|D2EF G4|A4G4|
B2A2G3D|G2F2E2D2|D2EF G2E2|c2B2A4|


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Melody**                            As transcribed by Steve Fry

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Source (if known): Pascal Gemme (copyright)


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Region: Quebec

*Notes: There seems to be some confusion about this tune and another, “La Riquerenne” which may or may not be traditional.  According to a comment (and the Steve Fry transcription) contributed via the Suggestion Form, “the actual name is ‘La Ricaneuse’, which translates as ‘the one who snickers’. According to Pascal [Gemme] and Yann [Falquet] at the Flurry Festival 2017, La Riquerenne  means “The Laugher”.

Chords on this transcription are “strictly tentative” according to David Kaynor.