Michael’s Mazurka

Key: G

Form: Mazurka

MP3: (played by Susan Reid, David Kaynor and friends)

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G3G A/B/c|B2 B3/2B/ A/G/F|EG GB AG|Fd Dc DF|
G2 GA Bc|Bd dc BG|Ec cB AF|G4 D2: |
|:G2GA Bc|d2dc BG|A^F AF DF|GA B/c/d g2|
DG GA Bc|d3c BG|A^F AF DF|[1G4 D2:|[2G4 d/=e/^f|
|:g6|d4 cB|A2a3g|fd ^cd ef|g4b2|g4 d/c/B|
A2a3g|fd cB AF|G2AB G2|A2Bc A2|B2cd B2|c2de c2|
d2g2 eg|[1f3g a/g/f|g3a gf|[1g4 d/e/f:|[2f2d2 c/B/A|G3B A/G/F|G6|]

Sheet Music: Click image to enlarge. To download, right-click in enlarged image and "Save as...".


Link (Midi or Youtube):
Sorry to say, the YouTube I originally found, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UC9zBZxrWFM, played by the composer’s band Fiddler’s Bid, and so presumably pretty close to what he intended, has been taken down.  If you know of any others, please let me know via the Suggestion Form.  Meanwhile, try this MIDI: Michael’s.

Source (if known): Michael Ferrie (of Fiddler’s Bid)

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Region: Shetland

Notes: This is a tune from Shetland by Michael Ferrie (of Fiddlers Bid), a great talent who died very young of cancer. According to Tunearch.org, Michael Ferrie wrote this in 1996 in the last week of his life.