Key: D

Form: Reel or March

|:(3ABc|d2D2 F2A2|d2fe d2A2|d2ef gfed|cdec ABcA|
d2D2 F2A2|d2fe d2A2|B2g2 fedc|d4 d2:|
|:fg|a3b a2gf|g3a g2fe|f2d2 gfed|cdec ABcA|
d2D2 F2A2|d2fe d2A2|B2g2 fedc|d4 d2:|
|:A2|dcBA GFED|FDFA d3A|d2ef gfed|cdec ABcA|
dcBA GFED|FDFA d3A|B2g2 fedc|d4 d2:|
|:fg|aA A/A/A aA A/A/A|gA A/A/A gAgA|fAfA gfed|cdec ABcA|
dcBA GFED|F2A2 d2A2|B2g2 fedc|d4 d2:|


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Source (if known): Tom Clough

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Region: USA (originally Scotland or Northumbria?)

*Notes: The ABC and sheet music above are for a three part tune, of which the MP3 plays only the first two. The sheet music is a little different, especially in the A part, from the way we play it.