Scollay’s Reel

Key: Em

Form: Reel

MP3 (played by David Kaynor):

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|: “Em”E2EF G2A2 | BcBA GFGA | B2E2 E2G2 | “D”FGAF D2GF |
“Em”E2EF G2A2 | BcBA GFGA | “B7″B2Bc BAGF | “Em”G2E2 E4 : |
|: “Em”efge B2B2 | g2g2 B4 | “Am”c2BA “Em”G2G2 | “D”FGAF D2F2 |
“Em”E2EF G2A2 | “G”BABd “C”e2d2 | “B7″B2Bc BAGF | “Em”G2E2 E4 : |

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Scollay's-Reel---melody  …and harmonized:  Scollay's-Reel---Harmonized

Link (Midi or Youtube):

Source (if known): Traditional

Other Tunes in Set:

Region: Shetland


VFO Spr16, Mayo16, Chandler17, VFO summer 17