Telephone Tune*

Key:  A/D

Form: Reel

cd |\
“A”e3e “(E7)”efed | “A”cABc “D”A2F2 | “A”EAAE “(F#m)”AEAB |\
[1,3 “(Bm)”cABc “E7″B2 :|[2,4 “E7″cecB “A”A2 : |
|: “A7″FG |\
“D”AAFA “D7″d3c | “G”B2GB “Em”e3d | “A7″cAce agec |\
[1,3 “D”defd “A7″A2 :|[2,4 “D”df”A7″ec “D”d2 : |


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telephone-tune-the    telephone-tune-the-harmonized-low    telephone-tune-the-3-voice
Melody                            Harmonized Low            Three-Voice


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Region: Quebec?

*Notes:  The story goes that this tune is called “the Telephone Tune” because it was taught to someone over the telephone and neither person knew the name of it. (Quoted from the YouTube above.)