Morpeth Rant, the

Key:  D

Form:  Reel (rant*)

ABC: |
|:A|d2AG FDFA|BGBd cAce|d2f2 gfed|c2e2 e2Ac|
d2AG FDFA|BGBd cAce|d2f2 gfec|A2d2 d3: |
|:A|dfaf dfaf|gfef g2ef|gfed cABc|defg f2A2|
dfaf dfaf|gfef g2ef|gfed cABc|d2f2 d3: |


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Source (if known): Traditional

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Region: Northumberland, England

*Notes: “[This tune] originated in Northumberland sometime before 1800. It is not a reel, but a rant. The rant is the National Dance of Northumbria and has specific footwork.” –from The Session

–from Wikipedia: “Northumbria shares with southern Scotland the long history of border ballads, … It is also known for local dances, including the rapper dancing and Northumbrian clog dancing.  Many dances from the region have the characteristic rant step.

“One rhythm characteristic of the region is the rant, used for figure dances such as The Morpeth Rant with a characteristic step; musically it is similar to a reel, though somewhat slower, and with more of a lilt.”