Daily Archives: June 7, 2014

Key: Dmix Form: Jig ABC:* |:A2F B2F|A2G FED|A2F B2F|GFG AFD|A2F B2F|A2G FED|GAB cAF|GFG AFD:| |:dfa afd|ded cAG|FGA cAF|GFG AFD|dfa afa|geg fdf|e^cA DFA|GFG AFD:| |:d2e d2A|ded dcA|d2e dcA|GFG AFD|d2e d2A|ded dcA|GAB cAF|GFG AFD:| |:def def|def e^cA|def e^cA|~G3 AFD|def def|def e^cA|GAB =cAF|GFG AFD:| |:Ddd Dcc|DBB AFD|Ddd Dcc|GFG AFD|Ddd Dcc|DBB AFD|GAB cAF|GFG AFD:| […]

King of the Pipers (Franc A’Phoill)