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Key: D Form: Jig ABC: |:d2d D2E|F2G A2B|=c2=c E2F|G2A B2c| d2d D2E|F2G A2B|Bcd e2c|1d3d3:|2d3d2e|| |:f2f def|g2f e2d|c2B A2B|c2d e2^e| f2f def|g2f e2d|cBA B2c|1d3d2e:|2d3d3|| MP3: Download this MP3  If it plays, right-click on the page and “Save as”. (Detailed instructions) Sheet Music: Click image to enlarge. To download, right-click in enlarged image […]

Fiery Clock Face, The

Key:  A/D Form: Reel ABC: cd |\ “A”e3e “(E7)”efed | “A”cABc “D”A2F2 | “A”EAAE “(F#m)”AEAB |\ [1,3 “(Bm)”cABc “E7″B2 :|[2,4 “E7″cecB “A”A2 : | |: “A7″FG |\ “D”AAFA “D7″d3c | “G”B2GB “Em”e3d | “A7″cAce agec |\ [1,3 “D”defd “A7″A2 :|[2,4 “D”df”A7″ec “D”d2 : | MP3: Download this MP3  If it […]

Telephone Tune*

Key: G Form: Barn Dance ABC: DGA | B2 BA c2 BG | AB G3 GBd | g2 gf e2 dc | d4- d : | |: GBd | g3 a f3 g |[M:5/4] e3 c dB G2 Bc | [M:4/4] A2 AB c2 cB |[M:3/4] G3 : | MP3: […]

Great Uncle Henry