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Key: B♭ Form: Waltz ABC: If you know a source, please contribute ABC notation. Can you help? MP3: Recorded at the Northeast Heritage Music Camp, June, 2017. Download this MP3  If it plays, right-click on the page and “Save as”. (Detailed instructions) Sheet Music: Click image to enlarge. To download, right-click in enlarged image […]

Princess of Wales

Key: D Form: Reel ABC: D2DE FDFA | DFAF EDB,E | D2DE FDFA |1 (3Bcd AF EFDE :|2 (3Bcd AF EFD2 || |: d2dc dAFA | DFAd egfe | d2dc dAFA | (3Bcd AF EFD2 :| a2fa g2eg | fedf edBd | a2af g2ge | fedf ecdf | ~a3f g2eg […]

Opera Reel

Key: A Form: March ABC: "A"c2cd c2 A2|"E"B2 c2 "D"F4|"F#m"A3 B c2 BA |"E"B2 "(A/E E)"c2 c2 B2| "A"c2cd c2 A2|"E"B2 c2 "D"F4|"F#m"A3 B c2 BA |"E"B2 G2 "A"A4 :| |:"A"e3 f e2 d2|c2 A2 "Bm"B2 d2|"A/C#"c2 A2 "D"B2 d2|"A/E"cB A2 "E"B2 E2| "F#m"e3 f "E/G#"e2 d2|"A"c2 A2 "D"B2 d2|"A"cB […]

On The Danforth