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Key: Em Form: Reel ABC: |:”Em”EFGF EFGF|EFGA G2E2|”A”EFGF EFGF|EFGA G2E2| “Em”EFGF EFGF|EFGA B2e2|”B7″B2Bc BAGF|”Em”G2E2E4:| |:”Em”e2ef gfef|gfe2e4|”A”e2ef gfef|gfe2e4| “C”ef gfef|gfe2e4|”B7″B2Bc BAGF|”Em”G2E2E4:| MP3*: Download this MP3  If it plays, click the download icon or right-click on the page and “Save as”.) Sheet Music*: Click image to enlarge. To download, right-click in enlarged […]

Dancing Bear, The