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Key: D Form: Reel ABC:  X: 1 P: Come (Let Us) Dance and Sing R: reel Z: 1997 by John Chambers <jc:trillian.mit.edu> B: Kennedy M: C| L: 1/8 K: D A2 \ | "D"d2cd "A7"e2de \ | "D"f2d2 dedc \ | "G"B2e2 "E7"efed \ | "A7"c2A2 A2Bc \ ||"D"d2cd "A7"e2de […]

Come (Let Us) Dance and Sing

Key: D Form: Reel? (Stomp) ABC:  X:2 T:Bluegrass Stomp C:Bill Monroe - Arr. Mike Compton M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/8=420 K:D |"D"[dD][dD][cD][dD] [AD]D2D|[d2D2][cD][dD] AD2A|\ [dD][dD][cD][dD] ADAA|"D7"=c2cc B/c/BA2| "G"G,B,D=F- =FDD D|DA-AA =FED[DB,]|"D"[A2D2A,2][ADA,][ADA,] [A/D/B,/][A/D/B,/][A DB,][A/D/^A,/][A/D/A,/][ADA,]|[A2D2A,2][A2D2A,2] [A2D2A,2][ADA,][ADA,]| "A"=cB Ac BA zA|Ad-dd A=F (3EFE|"D"[A2D2][A2D2] [A/D/B,/][A/D/B,/][ADB,][A/D/^A,/] [A/D/A,/][ADA,]|[A2D2A,2][A2D2A,2] [A2D2A,2][A2D2A,2]| [dA][dA][dA][dA] [dA][dA][dA][dA]|[d4A4] A,B,D2|[d2A2][d2A2] [d2A2]AF| "D7"[F2=C2][F2C2] [F2C2][FC]G,| "G"G,G,B,D =FFED|DAzA =FEDB,|"D"[A2D2A,2][ADA,][ADA,] […]

Bluegrass Stomp