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Key: G Form: English Country Dance ABC:  X:1 T:Helena C:Colin Hume, 1988 C:Sweet and Graceful L:1/4 M:2/2 S:Colin Hume's website, colinhume.com Q:1/2=75 K:G P:A |: "G"G3/A/ "/"BG | "Bm"dB "Em"GD | "C"E3/F/ "/"GA | "D"D2- "/"D[FA]/[GB]/ |\ "Am"[A-c-]2 "/"[Ac][GB]/[Ac]/ | "G"[B-d-]2 "/"[Bd]G | "C"[ce]3/[df]/ "Em"[eg]B |1 "D7"A2- "/"AD :|2 "D7"A2 […]


Key: Em Form: Jig ABC:  X: 1 T: The White Petticoat R: jig M: 6/8 L: 1/8 K: Emin |:Bed cBA|GFE B,EG|FBB cBB|eBB cBA| |Bed cBA|GFE B,EG|FBB cBA|1 GEE E2 A:|2 GEE E2 g|| |:gec Gce|gaf gec|cBA EAc|Be^d eBG| |FBB GBB|FBA GFE|B,EG cBA|1 GEE E2 g:|2 GEE E2 A|| MP3: […]

White Petticoat, The