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Key: D Form: Reel ABC:  X:1 T:Widen the Circle C:Susan Reid (2019) M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D "D"DE \ |: "D"F2 EF "G"DEB,D | "D"A,B,DE F2 ED |\ "G"d2 cd BcdB | "A"AFED E2 DE | "D"F2 EF "G"DEB,D | "D"A,B,DE F2 ED |\ "G"d2 cd "A"BcdA |1 "D"F2 D2 D2 DE […]

Widen the Circle

Key: D Form: Slow air ABC:  X: 11 T: VFO’s Compliments to David Kaynor, The C: ©2019 Peter Macfarlane R: Slow Air S: https://www.natunelist.net/vfos-compliments-to-david-kaynor M: 3/4 L: 1/8 V:1 clef=treble octave=0 name=”1st” V:2 clef=treble octave=-1 name=”2nd” V:3 clef=bass octave=-2 name=”Cello” Q: 1/4 = 96 K: D P:A [V:1] DE |”D”F3 […]

VFO’s Compliments to David Kaynor