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Key: D Form: Reel or Welsh hornpipe ABC:  X: 7 T:Gower Reel T:Lumbers M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:180 C:Trad S:Collected by Maud Karpeles (1927) R:Welsh hornpipe A:Gower Peninsula, Wales Z: K:D A>B|A2F2 A>BA>B|A2d2d2c>B|A2F2A>BA>B|A2G2F2A>B|A2F2A>BA>B|A2d2d2e2|! f2a2 g>fg>e|d2c2d2:|| G2|F2 DEF2F2|EDCD EFG2|F2 DEF2F2|! EDCB,A,4|F2DEF2F2|EDCD EFG2|F2A2GFGE|D2C2D2:|| MP3: (Played slowly, then faster by Sarah Hotchkiss) Download this MP3  […]

Gower Reel, aka Lumbers

Key: D Form: Waltz ABC:  X: 1 T:Si Bheag Si Mhor T:Sheebeg and Sheemore R:Waltz C:Turlough O’Carolan, 1691 O:Ireland M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 K:D de|”D”f2fed2|”D7″d2ded2|”G”B4A2|”D”F4A2|”G”BA Bc d2|”A7″e4de|”D”f4e2|”D7″d4f2| “G”B4e2|”D”A4d2|”Bm”F4E2|”D”D4f2|”G”B4e2|”A7″A4dc|”D”d6-|”D”d4: | |:de|”D”f2fed2|”D7″ed ef a2|”G”b4a2|”D”f2>e2d2|”G”e4a2|”D”f4ed|”Em7″d4B2|”A7″B4A2| “D”F4E2|”D7″D4f2|”G”B4e2|”D”A2>f2a2|”Em7″ba gf ed|”A7″e4 dc|”G”d6-|”D”d4: | MP3: Do you or some friends play this tune? Please contribute a smartphone or […]

Si Bheag Si Mhor* (Sheebeg and Sheemore)