A Week in January

Key: G

Form: Slow Air


X: 2
T: A Week In January
R: slow air
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GG, FA Bd ba | ag fg d2 gf | eG cd d2 dB | cd Bc DF AF |
GG, FA Bd ba |ag fg d2 gf |eG cd d2 dB |cD FG [G4G,4] |
GG, FA Bd ba |c'b ag d2 gf |eG cd dB dB |cd ec AD EF |
GG, FA Bd ba |ag fg d g2 f |eG c2 d G2 B |cD FG GA Bc |
d2 de (3dcB GB |ec fd g2 ge |d2 de (3dcB GB | cd Bc A2 Bc |
d2 de (3dcB GB| ec fd g2 ge |db ag dc Bc |cA FD GA Bc |
d3 e dB GB |ec fd g2 ge |d3 e dB GB |cd Bc DF Ac |
d2 de (3dcB GB |ec fd g2 ge |db ag dc Bc |cA FD [G4G,4] ||


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Sheet Music in PDF*: A Week In January


Source (if known): Seamus Egan

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Region: USA/Ireland

*Notes: The ABC and sheet music above, courtesy of TheSession.org, are a somewhat different version from Seamus Egan’s playing in the YouTube, and the MP3 above, which, given that Seamus composed it, seems likely to be the more authentic.