Breton Schottische #1

Key:  D

Form: Schottische

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MP3: (Played by Susan Reid)

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Breton-Schottische-1-in-D-Major    Breton-Schottische-1-in-D-Major-(Harmonized-High)    Breton-Schottische-1-in-D-Major-(Harmonized-Low)   
Melody                            with high harmony         with low harmony      Melody w/ different chords

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Source (if known): Traditional

Other Tunes in Set: Breton Schottische #2

Region: France, Brittany

Notes:  We know of no actual name for this schottische, can you help?

From a comment on this site: “Kerry Elkin, late fiddler from Massachusetts, recorded these tunes and stated that he’d learned them from a cassette tape by Serge Desaynay/Gilles LeBigot called “Tunes for America” which they self-produced to sell on during a tour in the United States in the 1980’s. There were only a few of these tapes made and not many survive. They are a great resource.”

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