Calgary Reel

Key: D

Form: Reel


%%MIDI gchord fzczfzcz
“D”Adcd Adcd | AdcA ~BBAF | Adcd “D/F#”Adfd |”C” [g3=c3] g “G/B”fedB |
“D”Adcd Adcd | AdcA ~BBAF |[M:6/4]\
%%MIDI gchord fzczfzczfzcz
“G”Adcd  “Em” ~BBAF “D”FED A : |
%%MIDI gchord fzczfzcz
|: “(Bm)” “E7″ f3 f- fedf |”A” ~eece Aceg |[M:6/4]\
%%MIDI gchord fzczfzczfzcz
“G” ~ffdf ~eece “A”dB”D”A2|
%%MIDI gchord fzczfzcz
“(E7)” “D”f3 f- fedf |”A” ~eece aceg |[1 “G”f2df “D/F#”afdf | “G”g3g “F#m”bgge : |
%%MIDI gchord fzczfzczfzcz
[2 “G”fefg afdf “A”ed “D”d2 |]


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Jean Rhéaume who provided the ABC and this transcription, writes, “Note that the chords in parentheses are played on the return of the B part after the box 1”.




YouTube:  (A heavily arranged rendition by La Bottine Souriante. Melody starts at about 0:20.)

Source (if known): David Boulanger

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Region: Quebec, Alberta, Canada