Evit Gabriel

Key: Em

Form: Reel

|:z2|”Em”EFGF EFGF | EFGA B2BB |”Am”cBAG F2GA |”B7″BAGB F2 GF |
“Em”EFGF EFGF | EFGA B2BB | “Am”cBAG FGAc | “B7″BAGF “Em”E2 : |
|: cd|”Am”eAAe “D7″dcBc | “G”dGGd “C”cBAG | “Am/F#”FGAc “B7″BAGF | “Em”EFGA “E7″B2cd |
“Am”eAAe “D7″dcBc | “G”dGGd “C”cBAG | “Am/F#”FGAc “B7″BAGF| “Em”EG FD E2 : |


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Source (if known): Daniel Thonon

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Region: Quebec

Notes: “Evit Gabriel (“For Gabriel” in Breton) was written by Daniel Thonon, a musician and composer who was born in Brussels in 1949 and emigrated to Canada in 1963, where he still resides. He plays a variety of instruments, primarily diatonic accordion and hurdy-gurdy. He’s also an instrument builder, composer, etc.”  –from a post on TheSession.org.