Lament For The Death Of The Rev. Archie Beaton

Key:  G

Form:  Reel

Bc|d3 d {e}dc {Bc}BA|{F}G2 B2 D3 G|{EF}E2 {F}GE {DE}D3 B,|{B,}A,6 (Bc)|
d3 d {e}dc {Bc}BA|{F}G2 B2 D3 G|{EF}E2 {d}cA {G}F3 D|{D}G6 : |
{C}B,A,|G,3 B, D3 D|{Bc}B3 A {F}G3 E|{DE}D2 {F}GE {DE}D3 B,|{B,}A,6 {C}B,A,|
G,3 B, D3 D|{Bc}B3 A {F}G3 E|{DE}D2 {F}GB, {A,B,}A,3 B,|{A,}G,6 {C}B,A,|
G,B,DG Bdga|{ga}b3 a {ga}g3 e|{^c}d2 {ga}ge {^c}d3 B|{B}A6 (Bc)|
d3 d {de}dc {Bc}BA|{F}G2 B2 D3 G|E2 {d}cA {G}FDCA,|{A,}G,6 z2|


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Source (if known): John M. Mason

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Region: Scotland

Notes: Composed by John M. Mason, a lawyer, fiddler and conductor, and a native of the Orkney Islands. The Rev. Airchie Beaton was Minister of Dundonald Parish Church in Ayrshire and a champion of Gaelic culture, who died suddenly in 1971 at a Gaelic event.