Nelson Mandela’s Welcome To Glasgow

Key:  D

Form:  Jig (Bagpipe March?)


|:d>dd d>ef|A>AA B>AA|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 c)|
d>dd d>ef|A>AA B>AA|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:e>aa f>ed|e>fe d>BA|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
e>aa f>ed|e>fe d>BA|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:f>ff (fa>d)|f>ff (fa>A)|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
f>ff (fa>d)|f>ff (fa>A)|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:f>dd a>Af|A>fA a>Af|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
f>dd a>Af|A>fA a>Af|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:f>dd d>dd|d>dd a>df|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
f>dd d>dd|d>dd a>df|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|
|:f>dd d>ff|d>aa d>ff|A>Bd d>BA|A>Bd (e2 f)|
f>dd d>ff|d>aa d>ff|A>Bd e>dB|A>Bd (d2 e):|

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Source (if known): ?

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Region: Scotland

*Notes:  A great six-part march. View the YouTube.  It’s rather wonderful.