Northern Lights

Key: G

Form: Jig


|:(3DEF|G2G EGE|cBc A2A|A2A AFA|GBc d2(3D/E/F/|
G2G EGE|cBc A2G|[F2A2][FA] DFA|G3 Gz: |
|:e/f/|~g3 ege|dBG D2B|c/d/cA F2A|GBc def|
~g3 ege|eBG D2B|ced cBA|G3 Gz: |

MP3: (played at moderate tempo for learning, by David Kaynor)

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Melody                             Harmonized Low             Three-Voice

Link (Midi* or Youtube):

Northern Lights

Source (if known): Trad.

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Region: ?

*Notes: Both the ABC and Midi above are courtesy of JC’s ABC Tune Finder and differ in detail from David Kaynor’s MP3 and sheet music on this page.

VFO17-1, VFO summer 17