Reel de Mattawa

Key: Edor

Form: Reel


B2 | “Em”ABeB gBeB | ABeB gBeB | “D”ddfd gdfd | Adfd gdfd |
“Em”ABeB gBeB | ABeB gBeB | “D”f2fg fedc | “Em”Bc d2 e2 : |
|:ef | “Em”gefd ecdB | “D”ABAF D2FD | “C”EFGA B2ef | “Bm”gfed A2ef |
“Em”gefd ecdB | “Bm”ABAF D2FD | “C”EFGA B2AG | “D”FAGF “Em”E2 : |


MP3Do you or your friends play this tune? Please contribute a non-copyrighted recording (smartphone jam  recording or equivalent is fine). Meanwhile, check out the YouTube below.

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Source (if known): Richard Forest

Other Tunes in Set: This tune often follows Valse des Bois

Region: Québec