Spotted Pony

Key: D

Form:  Barndance

|:D2DD E2EE| F2AF G2FG |1 ABde f2ed |f2a2 e4 :|2 ABdA Bd2B | AFE2 D4 ||
|:f2af e3e | efed B4 | ABde f2ed | f2a2 e2de |f2af e3e |
efed B4 |1 A2BAd3A | BAF2 E4:|2 ABdABd2B|AFE2 D4||


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with low accompaniment

harmonized low

harmonized high








Sheet Music in PDF:

Spotted Pony
Spotted Pony (with low accompaniment)
Spotted Pony (Harmonized Low)
Spotted Pony (Harmonized High)

Source (if known): Traditional, arranged by David Kaynor

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Region: American, Old-Timey

Notes: Some folks prefer to start this with the B part first.