Staines Morris, aka Then Away to the Maypole

Key: Em

Form: March


X: 1
T: Staines Morris
T: Then Away to the Maypole
R: March
C: Trad. Playford 1651
O: England, Staines
Z: Paul Hardy’s Session Tunebook 2014 (see Creative Commons cc by-nc-sa licenced.
M: 2/2
L: 1/8
%Q: 1/2=60
K: Em
|: “Em”B2 e2 “A”^c2 “B7″^d2 | “Em”e2 “D7″dc “G”B3 c | “G”dedc “(Em)”B2 AG | “B(m)”FEFG “Em”E4 : |
[| “Em”GABc B2 AG | “Bm”FEFG “Em”E3 F | “G”GABc B2 AG | “D(B7)”FEFG “Em”E4 |]
|: “G”G2 GG D2 D2 | “C”EFGA “G”B3 c | “G”dedc “(Em)”B2 AG | “B7″FEFG “Em”E4 : |


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Source (if known): Trad. Playford 1651

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Region: England

Notes:  There seem to be dozens of versions of this tune, in several keys, minor, major and dorian.  See This page on JC’s ABC Tune Finder.

We play the three parts AABCC.