Key: F

Form: 6/8 Jig


C:c. 2021 David A. Kaynor
|:"F"F2G AGF |Acd c2c |"Bb" d2f gfd |"F"c3-c Bc|
"Bb" d2f "Gm" gfd | "F"c2f "Dm"cAF | |1 "Gm" G2c "G" dc=B |\
"C"c2A BAG:|2"Gm"GAB "C7"ABG | "F"F3ABc ||
|:"Bb" d2b bfd|"F"c2a afc|"Gm"B2g "C7"ecB|"F"A3 f2A | 
"Bb"B2g "C7"ecB | "F"A3 "Dm"fcA |1"Gm"G2c "G" dc=B | \
"C"c3ABc :|2" Gm"GAB "C7" ABG | " F"F3F3|]

MP3: (played by Rebecca R Weiss)

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Sheet Music in PDF: Sustainers


Source: David A Kaynor (copyright)

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Region: USA, New England

Notes: Composed in 2021 by David Kaynor on an eye gaze computer using EasyABC while dealing with ALS.  He says, “This is my first composition in over a year, called Sustainers.  I hope it’s fun to play, easy on the ears, and works as a musical tribute to the Care Team:   Rebecca Hollingsworth, Will Quale, Asa DeRoode, and Rebecca Weiss.  They, along with many others,  have sustained me through the heartbreaking losses brought about by ALS.  With her fiddle skills,  straight-ahead musicality, and patience,  Rebecca Weiss has been a voice for the music which seems to endure within me.  This has been strongly sustaining in and of itself.”