Belle of Newcastle, the

Key: G

Form: Waltz

MP3: (played by the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra)

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DGA | “G” B3 A (3Bcd | “D” A2 (3ABA GA | “G” B2 d4 | “C” e2 g3 e |
“G” d3 B AB | “Em” G3 A (3Bcd | “D” A6 – | A3 DGA |
“G” B3 A (3Bcd | “D” A2 (3ABA GA | “G” B2 d4 | “C” e2 g3 e |
“G” d3 B AG | “D” A4 GF | “C” G6 – | “G” G3 def |
“Em” g3 f e/2f/2e/2d/2 | “C” e2 g3 e | “G” d3 B AB | “Em” G3 F GA |
“G” B2 d2 (3BAG | “C” .e2 “G” .d2 BG | “D” A6 – | A3 def |
“Em” g3 f e/2f/2e/2d/2 | “Bm” d2 c2 B2 | “Am” c3 BAG | “D” A2 (3ABA GF |
“C” G3 FGA | “D” Bd- d2 (3AGF | “C” G6 – | “G” G3 z3|

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The-Belle-of-Newcastle---David-Surette    Belle-of-Newcastle,-the-(low-accompaniment)-1    Belle-of-Newcastle,-The-(low-harmony)-1
Melody                             Low accompaniment         Low harmony

Midi: Belle

Source (if known): David Surette (copyright)

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Region: New England, USA

Notes: David composed this beautiful waltz for his wife.

VFO Spr16, Mayo16, VFO summer 17