Tom Dey

Key: A

Form: Strathspey

|:c3d|e4 f3e ce3 A3B|c4 B3A FA3 EC3|D4 F3D C3E A3a|ec3 Ac3 B4 (3B2c2d2|
e4 f3e ce3 A3B|c4 B3A FA3 EC3|D4 F3D (3C2E2A2 (3c2e2a2|ec3 Bc3 A4: |
|:e4|a4 b3a gb3 e4|f4 (3f2a2f2 ea3 c3A|dB3 e3d ce3 c3A|B3e (3^d2e2f2 e4 (3e2f2g2|
af3 b3a gb3e4|fd3 (3f2a2f2 ea3 c3A|(3F2G2A2 (3B2c2d2 (3c2d2e2 (3f2g2a2|(3e2d2c2 (3B2A2G2 A4: |


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Source (if known): J Scott Skinner

Other Tunes in Set: Rosebud of Allenvale

Region: Scotland, Cape Breton