Welcome to the East India (Ostindiens velkomst)

Key: G *

Form: sønderhoning

| “G”G2G2 B2dB | “Em”G4 A2B2 | “Am”c3B A2G2 | “D7″GFAF D2D2 \
| “G”G2G2 B2dB | “Em”G4 A2B2 | “Am”c3A “D7″FGAF | “G”G6 : |
|: AB \
| “Am”c3c “D7″B2A2 | “G”GABc d4 | G3G “A7″F2G2 | “D”AFDF A4 \
| AFDF A4 | DEFG “A7″A2AG | “D”F2FD “A7″E2E2 | “D”D4 “D7″d3B |
| “G”G3G F2D2 | “C”E4- E2AB | “Am”c3c “Em”B2G2 | “D7″A4- A2Bc | “G”d2d2 “(Em)”d2e2 \
| “Am”c2cB “D7″A2Bc | “G”d3d “(Em)”d2e2 | “Am”c2cB “D7″A2c2 \
| “G”B2AG “D7″A2GF | “G”G6 : |


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Link (Midi or Youtube)*:

Source (if known): handwritten MS of unknown origin

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Region: Denmark

* Notes:  The midi and ABC above differ significantly from the version we have learned from David Kaynor, the MP3 and the sheet music posted above.  Most significantly, we play it in G major, while the ABC and midi obtained from abcnotation.com are in D.

Telford, Mayo16, fave